Welcome to the new AppNeta Support portal!

We are proud to present a fresh new look for the AppNeta Support portal.  We were way past due in giving our ticketing centre a little TLC, and have been working hard over the past few weeks to make some improvements we think AppNeta Performance Manager users will appreciate.  

With the refresh of the site we've added some new features, and tuned some existing ones, so check out the list below for an overview of some of the highlights.

What am I reading right now?

Right now you're reading the first of what will be a growing library of AppNeta Support knowledge base articles.  These articles will include How To's, helpful tips, answers to commonly asked questions, and much more.  The home page of the AppNeta Support portal shows the most recently published knowledge base articles so you can check in from time to time to see if there's new content.  You can also find any older base articles by navigating to the knowledge base and looking for them there.  We have lots planned for the knowledge base and are very excited to begin this new format for helping you get the most from the AppNeta Performance Manager.

Looking for answers? Try searching our documentation

We've integrated our docs.appneta.com search bar directly into every page of the support portal.  If you haven't tried looking for the solution to your question in the documentation, then give it a go.  There is a wealth of great information and the integrated search may return exactly what you were looking for.

Look for me on every page

Ticket status, at a glance

Most tickets require some back and forth before they can be resolved, and if both sides think they are waiting on the other to respond, the ticket could go nowhere fast.  Enter the ticket status fields.  With the status of each open ticket listed, you can easily see which ones may need a response from you, and which ones are currently in AppNeta's court.

That's it for the highlights, but you may notice some other improvements as well.  Please feel free to offer us your feedback, be it complements, constructive criticism, or suggestions for additional enhancements, we'd love to hear it.